10 Highly Unusual Examples Of Folie A Deux Or Shared Psychosis

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9. Folie A Trois

Three Sisters From South Carolina

Sometimes, folie a deux, trois, or famille is used as a legal defense to help diminish the capacity of the defendant(s) in the eyes of the court. In the case of three biological sisters from South Carolina, the diagnosis of folie a trois led to successful insanity defenses in their respective trials for various criminal wrongdoings.

The lives of the three sisters became increasingly enmeshed as adults, even though they had led ordinary, respectable lives before spending all their time with only each other. They became increasingly concerned that their mother, who also suffered from mental illness, was going to hurt the three children of one of the sisters.

They also became preoccupied with religion. The sisters stopped sleeping and became convinced that God was communicating with them. When the husband of one put a stop to them living in the same house, the women felt compelled to put on pajamas, take the three children, and drive to a house that they believed God had given them so that they could live together.

They forced their way in, attacking the residents of the house and the attending police officers.[2]

The sisters were charged with multiple offenses and put in a cell together. There, they took off all their clothes, refused to clean themselves, and performed religious rituals. They attacked anyone who came through the door of the cell. It took two hours for 15 officers to quiet the three sisters and cuff them.

None of the sisters had a previous criminal record. They are no longer allowed to live near each other or visit without supervision. WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS

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