10 More Weird Lesser-Known Mysteries

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We are always fascinated and terrified of things we do not understand. Mysteries such as hauntings, murders, monsters, and abductions both creep us out and delight us as we attempt to find a rational explanation for what could be behind these baffling events. Here is a list of some truly strange unsolved occurrences which may never be fully understood or explained.

10. Georgia Guidestones

It’s amazing to think that one of the most mysterious monuments in the United States was built in 1979. After all, people must have had time to consult the man who built the Georgia Guidestones, right? Yet somehow, no one is entirely sure what exactly they mean. That’s probably due—in part—to the fact that this monument, often referred to as America’s Stonehenge, has a cryptic message engraved on it in eight different languages.

The Guidestones, which are in Elbert County, feature a message containing ten guidelines and there is an additional stone placed in the ground just a few feet away that runs down the astronomical features of the Guidestones, and claims that a time capsule is buried beneath the strange monument. However, there is no indication that such a capsule is actually there, or in fact has ever existed, and considering the man who originally commissioned the monument referred to himself simply as “Mr. Christian,” there is no indication as to what prompted the building of the Guidestones, or what their purpose truly is. WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS

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