10 Products Which Were Invented In Unusual Ways

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Some say that necessity is the mother of invention. But quite often, things are created entirely by accident or utilized for purposes other than the original intention.

Many of these products are taken for granted nowadays. But had it not been for one act of ingenuity (or complete accident), then these things may never have existed.

10. Webcam

Photo credit: BBC

Before the days of video chat, people had no way of communicating with each other live via video. This all changed when computer geeks at the University of Cambridge invented a webcam. This was not created to communicate with friends or family but to keep an eye on the coffee percolator.[1]

With this method, people could look at a screen to see if there was coffeeavailable rather than going out of their way to check on it physically. It was also a solid way of knowing which one of your coworkers drank the last cup without refilling the pot. We can all relate to that!

Since it was the early ’90s, the webcam wasn’t perfect. It was really more of a photo album as it took three photographs per minute. But still, coffee cravings led to the invention of something that we all take advantage of now. (Or cover up with tape. If Mark Zuckerberg does it, there’s no reason we shouldn’t.)

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