10 Unusual Abodes People Actually Lived In

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There have been several occasions where people have been found living in unimaginable habitats. We may show understanding when a person lives in deplorable conditions owing to poverty, but there have also been a number of instances where people chose unusual abodes due to awkward personal inclinations. Finally, there are those who reside in odd places in order to prove a point. Here are ten times human beings have been found living in unbelievable residences.

10A Man Constructed An Underground Home In A Park

Photo credit: City of Fairfax Police

In 2015, a homeless man named Yosue Joel Rios was arrested in Fairfax, Virginia, for vandalism after he constructed an underground dwelling in a public park.[1] Rios dug stairs that descended into two rooms. There was evidence that the man slept there and had apparently been educating himself. Rios was caught after a woman noticed the tunnel while she was walking the 20-acre park. Rios admitted to police that he dug the underground dwelling all by himself.

Following the discovery, the local public works department was called to fill in the tunnel. The discovery of Rios’s underground home came as a surprise to many. Most were used to seeing homeless people in tents or abandoned vehicles; no one imagined that a homeless person would have the industry, zeal, and imagination to construct an underground bunker. WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS

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