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Countries do enact laws to maintain law and order. Sometimes, laws are enacted to ban certain things or behaviours for obvious cultural or religious reason. Yet still, there are some prohibitions in some countries that are hard to fathom. And the reasons for those prohibitions, though may seem ridiculous to most outsiders, are actually in place and working. There are some too that quite make some sense, though enacting a law may seem far-fetched. Here are 10 forbidden things in some countries around the world.

10.  Malaysia: Wearing Yellow Clothing

In 2015, the government of Malaysia banned the wearing of yellow clothing in the country. Reason? A group of protestors wearing yellow and numbering about 20,000 took to the streets calling for the resignation of the President. Considering that the colour Yellow is a royal colour in the country, it’s kind of strange that this law had been enforced. When travelling to Malaysia, remember to drop anything yellow in your bag.

9. Victoria, Australia: You need a license to change a light bulb

The law in Victoria, the second most populous city in Australia, says you cannot change a light bulb unless you’re a licensed electrician. You could pay a fine of AUS$10 if you’re found guilty of breaking this law.

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