10 Weird Things Only Moms Do

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Becoming a mother makes you do things you had never imagined you’d end up doing – including having to deal with the grossest of stuffs to answering random questions, sometimes even from strangers, about your own bodily functions and that of your child.

Here’s a list of things only mommies do, without flinching or even batting an eyelid:

1. Wipe your child’s nose with your fingers or the end of your dupatta without thinking 

Gross? Definitely! Do you care? Not even slightly! Who has the time or energy to reach for the box of tissues or a handkerchief when your bare fingers or soft cotton dupatta are right there?! Right?!

2. Carry random small objects in your pockets/purse/handbag

There was a time when you carried things you needed when you stepped out. After you become a mommy (and especially if your child loves collecting things) your pockets and handbags are filled with everything from small toys to rocks, and even sea shells. weird things,weird things,weird things

3. Use a crayon to write just about anything

Doesn’t the shopping list look cool in fuchsia? Or the note you leave your husband scribbled in green? However, you realise things are getting out of hand when you reach for a bright purple crayon to write a letter to your child’s school teacher. Or to sign bank cheques!

Hmm, maybe next time you could use those glitter pens your kiddo got as a gift last Diwali.

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