10 Weird Things Only Moms Do

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4. Spend more money on your child’s shoes/clothes than you’ve ever spent on yours

What is it with kids’ shoes and clothes? They are so tiny but so expensive! Which means you’ll splurge hundreds of rupees on a pair of shoes or a cute outfit that your child will wear exactly for three weeks, if not less. But you’ll spend hours thinking whether you need to buy anything for yourself or not.

5. Sniff or scratch off stains on your clothes

Most of the time, it’s something as harmless as food stains or dirt marks. And even though there’s always the chance that it may end up being something much more disgusting, that doesn’t stop you from sniffing the stain or trying to scratch it off the fabric with your nails.weird things,weird things,weird things

 6. Finish off the half-eaten baby food on your child’s plate

You’ve had it all – mashed bananas to vegetable puree, and even stone-cold shreds of boiled fish or chicken your baby has refused to eat.

Why waste “good” food that you spent so much time in making, right?!

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