10 Weird Things That Can Make Your Breasts Extra Sensitive

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If you have them, you might love your boobs (and you should), but sometimes they can be painful to touch and get in the way of other activities, like working out. All that jumping around when they are tender sucks. Plus, there are weird things that make your breasts extra sensitive, based on hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle changes, prescriptions, and medical issues. Instead of freaking out, realize that your ta-tas can get sore and that’s totally normal (in most cases). Getting a doctor’s opinion can help, but there’s a quick guide as to when you can expect some discomfort.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling comfortable in their bodies and being aware of their hormonal cycles and changes. As long as you’re prepared for the consequences, that breast sensitivity might not feel as bad. Of course, there are some surprising reasons you might not know about (and that’s why I’m writing this article), but generally, hormonal-related issues form patterns, so it won’t come as such a shock. By mentally and physically preparing, you can treat your breasts with some extra care when the time comes. Here are 10 reasons why your breasts are tender to touch and might look a bit swollen.

1. Your Period Is Coming

“If you notice pain in both breasts, it may be due to hormonal changes since female hormones like estrogen would typically affect both breasts equally,” say John Kim, MD – Professor, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Robert Dorfman, MSc – Research Fellow, over email with Bustle. It’s likely to be short-lived. “If you notice breast sensitivity that exclusively tends to occur several days prior to or even during your period, but then resolves after you experience your period (or in the days that ensue), this pain may likely be due to the rise and fall of estrogen associated with the normal menstrual cycle,” Kim and Dorfman explain.weird things,weird things,weird things

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