10 weird things that people secretly do, but don’t admit to

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We all do weird things repeatedly that has become second nature and made us believe that it is normal to do so.

People secretly do weird things, which soon becomes second nature not realizing that it is uncommon to others. Each person has their own unique combination of weird things, but some are unsaid and yet done by majority of people. Well, we are all a part of the weird train cause being normal all the time is tiring and boring.

1. Stalk people on social media


We have stalked people so many times on social media that it has become normal, but we should admit it that it is weird and creepy. Scrolling through other people’s profile either ogling at their pictures or just envying their lifestyle is weird. Whether they admit it or not, people have a selection people to stalk, which we do diligently by keeping tabs on every new upload.

2. Imagine themselves as a celebrity and in other absurd scenarios


We concoct alternate realities and scenarios that are least probable of happening, but we enjoying daydreaming and pre-planning for these moments. It might be the most absurd situation or a glorious moment, but our brain has already made it happen and by that time we have drifted into wonderland.weird things,weird things,weird things

3. Sing in the shower and the soap becomes the mic


At some point in life we are a bathroom singer, and we thoroughly enjoy our performance, not considering the repercussions outside. Through the performance, the shower area becomes our stage and the soap becomes a mic and we’re on. Being a bathroom singer is the most common and one of the weirdest things we’ve all done.

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