10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy at Lowe’s

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You’re headed to Lowe’s to check pricing on tile and new flooring, but while you’re there, check out some other items. The chain may be known for its deals on certain home improvement items, but there are plenty of interesting items to be found. Here are 10 weird things you probably didn’t know you could buy at Lowe’s.

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Not only does Lowe’s offer fragrant candles, but they offer boxes of candlesticks in a variety of colors. Stock up on some for your next Thanksgiving, holiday and spring-time gatherings. Did wax get into your carpet? Here’s how to remove it.

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Canning Jars

Make the most of that summer produce with canning jars. Lowe’s offers cases of jars with lids so you can make jams, salsas and preserve fruits and vegetables to eat throughout the year. Use leftover canning jars in your workshop for storing paints and varnish.

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