10 Weird Ways Human Hair Has Been Used

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9. Jewelry

Photo credit: National Geographic

The Victorians mourned the dead in a unique way. They created jewelry from the hair of dead relatives. After her husband, Prince Albert, passed away, Queen Victoria wore a locket of his hair around her neck. Victorians often made brooches or pendants with the hair woven in the middle. Hair jewelry may sound crazy today, but it was once considered both sentimental and fashionable.

Hair jewelry showed your connection to someone who had passed away, but it was also used to show your connection to a living friend, child, or spouse. Many pieces of jewelry made from hair can be found at Leila’s Hair Museum in Missouri.

According to its website, Leila’s is the only hair museum in the world and has over 2,000 pieces of jewelry made from human hair. Each piece of jewelry tells a story and often has the name, birth date, and death date of the hair’s owner on the piece.[2] WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS,WEIRD THINGS

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