10 Women Reveal The WEIRDEST Things They Were Asked To Do As Bridesmaids

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2. Alex, 24


“I was recently in a wedding where I got some strange requests. Firstly, the bride assumed everyone could pay over $8,000 when all was said and done! Our dresses cost $2,000, we were each expected to pay $2,000 for the bachelorette party, we had to chip in for the shower, get Brazilian blowouts, and she actually asked me to dye my hair so it wouldn’t match hers (it’s my natural color!). Keep in mind that we’re not really close and I’m pretty sure she only asked me to be in the wedding party because she needed one more person. Hair-wise, luckily, I figured out how to do an at-home glaze for $15 that darkened my hair by a few shades. In the end, I want to say we ended up paying around $4,000 each (including the bachelorette party, and this was with a lot of battles along the way!), and I’m definitely not close with the bride today!” weird things,weird things,weird things

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