4 Weird Things You Overhear In The Office Bathroom

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We think everyone will agree when we say using the bathroom in office isn’t the most pleasant experience. Especially for someone who feels awkward at the thought of hearing other people pee and vice versa. Toss in some crippling hygiene issues and it’s nothing short of a nightmare. But, when you’re stuck in a pee-inducingly cold room for at least eight hours a day, you have to power through. Now, sometimes, when you’re in the bathroom stall waiting for the other women to leave so you can go in peace, you overhear some colourful things, which may or may not be good. For example…

Inappropriate phone conversations

While we admire(?) the women who sit in the stall and talk to their loved ones, there’s truly no need for it. Not only are the rest of the bathroom-users subjected to lovey-dovey exchanges, fights or just plain noise most of the time, it also just gets that much more awkward to do your own business and get out. Also, how are you hearing anything with all the flushing and running water? weird things,weird things,weird things

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