5 Weird Things Moms Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

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One thing that pregnancy does to you is that it changes your body  – which of course, we all know it’s obvious because our belly gets bigger! But what most moms don’t tell you about is that there are weird changes to your body that no mom speaks about. It’s not until you’re one or two month in that you realize, “Okay, this is weird”.

I had so many “WTH!” moments that I thought I was the ONLY one experiencing it.  It’s only when I searched up my questions on the web that I realized other pregnant moms were asking the same questions.

So here I am, getting ready to tell you the little bits and pieces of information that no mom speaks of. Sometimes, it’s because some moms never experienced it and sometimes it’s because they simply didn’t think about warning you about it!

Either way, it’s always good to be warned. Or even a hint of, “Hey, don’t freak out if your body goes crazy because it will!” would’ve helped me greatly. weird things,weird things,weird things


Since your hormones are changing, you may see more vaginal discharge due to an increased amount of estrogen to the vaginal area. As a result, you may notice a strong FUNKY smell when changing clothes or even having a casual walk. But no worries! You’re not alone. It is actually a common thing among pregnant women to experience this; however, if you do feel that the vaginal odor lasts longer than normal (a week or 2) or if there’s any pain associated, you should consult with your Doctor. Chances are, you might have an infection and it’s always better to get treated before it gets worse.

One amazing product that helped me maintain the vaginal odor was Summer’s Eve Freshening Spray. Just like its name, it’s a spray that is used to maintain vaginal odor that any lady would absolutely love to eliminate! Personally, I love it just because it smells refreshing and it helps me take care of one of my feminine peeves.

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