5 Weirdest & Most Bizarre Court Cases in India!

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See you in court or I’ll take you to the court; those are the most common statements or threats made no longer just in movies however in everyday life too. It seems to be the famous technique to settle disputes. whether or not people imply it or not, they really do trust in the legal system so much that they don’t shrink back from filing a case. There are more than 2 crores pending cases in India, out of which a few are sure to be weird.

Today we are going to talk about the weirdest and most bizarre cases that had been filed in India.

1. Oh! That’s A Boy

In one bizarre case, a younger bride actually turned out to be a boy after marriage. This unfortunate incident took place with 37-year-old Balakram, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. He paid rupees 50 thousand to marry Raj Kumari, a dancer from a traveling troupe who grew to become out to be a 14-year-old boy. The weirdest aspect is that they were married for a week earlier than Balak realized what was up. pretty late don’t you believe you think?

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