6 Weird Things To Try In Berlin

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As expected, there are a ton of activities to choose from in large cities like Berlin, but you can find some especially unique options when you look off the beaten path.

1. Eat At An Exclusive “Supper Club”

There’s something about an establishment being a well-kept secret that can make it even more appealing, and Berlin has an underground dining presence that is quite unusual yet so worth experiencing.

Essentially, some of the best chefs in the country open up their homes for small parties to enjoy fine dining in a completely intimate setting. Other supper clubs are found outside of homes in more retail establishments, but are often unlisted and are typically found via word of mouth and some serious searching i.e. back-door, hidden entrance type places.

Of course, this style of dining is reservation-only and due to the small setting, you’ll likely be seated with other diners, but that’s part of the charm of eating at a supper club.

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