7 Weird Things You Didn’t Know Could Cause Insomnia

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5. Sleep Apnea


Simmons tells Bustle many people think of sleep apnea as something that will cause you to be excessively sleepy, but it turns out there’s a connection between struggling to fall asleep and having sleep apnea. “When you’re not breathing well at night, when you’re lying down in bed, you’re not comfortable,” Simmons explains. “You’re not relaxing, because as you start to relax, your airway may start blocking off.” He adds that the constant blocking of your airway while you’re asleep can cause subconscious anxiety, contributing to an inability to fall asleep.

6. Frequent Urination


Frequent urination can be a sign something wacky’s going on in your body (including sleep apnea), but honestly, sometimes people just gotta pee a lot. And when you’re waking up three or four times at night to go to the bathroom, you’re disturbing your sleep schedule. Even if you’re one of those folks who can get right back to sleep, you may see adverse effects of losing sleep, including feeling tired during the day, and having issues getting to sleep at night.

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