7 Weird Things You Might Have Noticed About Authentic Empaths

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The truth about authentic empaths is stranger than fiction.

Although they sound like characters out of a supernatural novella, empaths are normal people just like you and me. However, they have a few extra “quirks” which you may have noticed.


It’s not something they do on purpose, but empaths tend to take on the energy of those who are around them.

If they see you crying, they are instantly going to start the water-works as well. This even goes for watching something emotional transpire on the television; empaths are emotional conduits.


Everyone has some form of intuition, or gut reaction, as most people refer to it. The difference with authentic empaths is that their intuition comes at an extreme level.

It is actually a very unique skill that has been perfected and honed, which the general public doesn’t seem to possess.

Empaths can know what you are feeling, what your intentions might be, and can understand what you are thinking as if they were an extension of your personal being. weird things,weird things,weird things

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